PS I've Taken A Lover
by Patricia Lucas White, contemporary (1999)
LionHearted, $7.99, ISBN 1-57343-004-8

I... don't... like a book where... there is too much... abuse... of... these stupid dot things... And... PS I've Taken A Lover... is merciless... in this... dottie-abuse....

Elizabeth Gilmartin may or may not be loony. Her singularly evil husband and his singularly bitchy secretary/mistress have this woman committed to a madhouse. Liz, you see, is a doormat who lets her husband trample all over her. Her redemption comes when she sees (imagines?) this handsome man asking her to write erotica under the name Lolly Horn. When Lolly Horn (I think this name is way too tasteless even as a norm de plume of an erotic author) hits the big time with men in raincoats and adolescent boys in adult stores all over the country, the smelly stuff really hit the ceiling.

Menopause, erotica, the joke of a "good woman" writing about sex (oh, that Auntie Lizzie writes about sex, isn't that funny?), one-note characters, choppy writing, too much telling, and lots of dots. If the idea of a menopausal woman writing about sex and going "Eee! Eee! Eee!" over it makes you laugh, you're welcome to this book. Me, I'd pass.

Rating: 40

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