Play For Today
by Saskia Walker, contemporary (2007)
Total-e-bound, 1.49, ISBN 978-1-906328-18-4

Play For Today is a simple short - very short - story of lovers Max and Toni who managed to recently get cast in minor roles in a Broadway play. They are hoping that this will lead to bigger roles for the two of them. They decide to take a boat to USA from London so that they will be able to enjoy the view and relax while learning their lines along the way. However, the rain and the turbulent sea soon force the two of them to pace restlessly below deck. It isn't long before they get into their roles in the most creative ways.

This is a straightforward story of a playful interlude between two people who are into each other. Therefore, I don't think I can say much about it other than I find it a pretty readable story in a very quick snack-between-meals kind of manner. In that respect, I suppose it has done its job well.

Rating: 74

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