Byron And Kit
by Shiloh Walker, fantasy (2004)
Ellora's Cave, $2.99, ISBN 1-84360-934-7

In this latest instalment of Shiloh Walker's The Hunters, we first have Byron being asked by his dying Inherent wolf friend Kristof Beauchamp to take care of Kit, his daughter. Kit is a baby then and Kris is dying from being poisoned by Wolfsbane. Byron vows that he will take care of Kit as if she's his own, a vow that somehow eventually includes the full Ellora's Cave repertoire of kink.

Cut to the preset day. Kit is 24 or so by the first chapter and she is living in an Enclave with Byron. The Enclave is like a hippie commune of sorts where folks protect the vampires when the vampires are sleeping and provide sex and blood when these vampires are awake. I can only assume that these folks have endless stamina because between guarding duties and sex duties, I don't see how the overworked grunts have any time to rest, much less sleep. At any rate, Kit and her father figure Byron have an interesting relationship. She comforts the women he has grown tired of when she's not walking in on him getting serviced by his floozies and staying to watch and admire his saluting buddy while playing with herself at the same time. I wonder what dear Kris will say about the situation.

Kit believes that Byron is her soulmate but Byron for some reason is at first not so willing to give her what she wants even if she has pretty much seen him doing everything and anything. But minding that the page count is limited and readers will want to see some rear end action soon, he and Kit are soon going at it non-stop until the story pauses for some superficial Council politics before resuming the sex marathon until the last page.

It's all so silly and even ridiculous at places, like a bloated sex cartoon with each sex scene becoming increasingly melodramatic and far out that the only way the author can top herself is by having Kit give birth to a planet or something in the last page. I'm just surprised that there are no threesome scenes here involving those two and some hero from an upcoming story, given how Byron doesn't mind sharing his bed partners with other guys.

All I can say is, I hope you are reading this book for the sex scenes alone because if you are expecting anything more, I believe you are going to be very disappointed.

Rating: 52

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