Protective Custody
by Paige Tyler, contemporary (2008)
Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-488-9

Paisley McCoy is not in a good mood. Her office has been broken into for who knows what reason, which is odd given that she writes up reviews of nightspots for the San Francisco Bay Beat instead of groundbreaking news that may attract such unwanted attention. Later that night, someone tries to break into her apartment. Paisley's father is the police captain of the SFPD and when he hears of the troubles his daughter is having, he assigns Inspector Gray Beckham to be her bodyguard. Cops don't do that, true, but you know what they say - rank has its privileges.

There are two ways that this story could go - good or bad. I'm sure you can guess from the score I have given this book that this is not good. As you may have guessed, this is because the hero and especially the heroine show little common sense in their situation. Paisley treats the whole thing as a teenage rebellion against her overprotective father. No, she will not change her routine. She will attend that crowded hotspot and no one, not even Gray, can stop her. She'll show everyone that her father is not the boss of her, so there! She is even convinced that there is no way that the person who broke into her office is the same person who tried to break into her apartment. I suppose she has sixth sense or something. She basically spends the whole story running wild and acting like a petulant little girl insisting that she's a grown up.

Paige Tyler could have written this story in so many ways, but alas, she has to choose for that one method that never fails to drive me up the wall.

Rating: 54

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