Wedding Song
by Vicki Lewis Thompson, contemporary (1992)
Harlequin Temptation, $3.50, ISBN 0-373-25602-7

Once upon a time, way, way back in 1992, before the aliens conquered Categorysville and brainwashed every hero into a hunk in uniform, men actually have diverse jobs. The hero, Judd Roarke, is a recording executive of Lighthouse Records, and the heroine is a singer in a kitschy wedding singer troop aspiring for greater dreams.

The story takes place in Eternity, a place in Massachusetts well-known for the legend that couples who married in the chapel here will attain happily-ever-after. Naturally, wedding arrangement's a booming business in Eternity, and Kerry Muldoon is main star in wedding performances. When she hears that Judd from the very successful Lighthouse Records is in town, she hopes to put on a grand show that will knock him off his feet and land her a recording contract.

Judd spies her rehearsing on the beach and it's Down boy for him. How fortunate that his daughter is staying with his parents for summer vacation.

Now, let me get this out of my chest off. Thunk! That's for Judd who is obtuse. He thinks that he can't give his daughter a perfect childhood because he is sure that he will be a workaholic. And he sleeps with Kerry but tells her that she and he can't be together because Rachel needs a good mommy. This despite having dumped Rachel with her grandparents. It doesn't make sense - he doesn't make sense. Blockhead.

That aside, this is a darned funny romance that has me chuckling all the way. Kerry Muldoon can give Julia Roberts a run for her money in the charming ditz department, and the folks of Eternity are a charming bunch. If it's romantic atmosphere I want, I got that in Eternity. Is this town real? I want to visit.

Wedding Song is light, breezy, and totally fun despite the dolty hero. And best of all, no sheriff, no secret baby, no fake fiance, and no stupid title like Dysfunctional Woman With No Social Life And No Memory.

Oh, the good old days. They just don't make Category Romances like they used too.

Rating: 70

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