Dirty Little Lies
by Tawny Taylor, contemporary (2007)
Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 1-59998-563-2

Reed Harris - that's the heroine - begins the day in Dirty Little Lies by having her ex-fiancé Bain Kavanagh's grandmother die in her living room. The poor old woman has been shot. Before she dies, she tells Reed to bring the what seems like a piece of twisted scrap metal to Bain. Bain reasons that whoever shot his grandmother will be going after Reed next so she's not going to be getting away from him anytime soon. What is going on here?

Dirty Little Lies is a short story filled with danger, some humor, and romance. A little like a mini-Stephanie Plum story, come to think of it, and the author even name-drops that character in this story. This is a pretty entertaining and painless read, but ultimately it ends up coming off like a much longer story compressed into its length.

It's not bad, especially for a quick read, but like many short stories, Dirty Little Lies feels as if it could have been expanded into something more substantial and memorable.

Rating: 70

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