Sinful Treats
by Violet Summers, contemporary (2008)
Liquid Silver Books, $4.50, ISBN 978-1-59578-496-4

Sinful Treats is a short and clichéd sex romp with a tacked-on happy ending to give it a more respectable "erotic romance rather than plain smut" varnish. Come to think of it, if someone decides to write a textbook on how to churn out formulaic erotic romps, this one is short enough to be tacked on as a full chapter example for mild BDSM romps.

We have three women planning a night out at Velvet Ice, where BDSM and other jolly stuff take place as if the entire United States of America has been sucked into Amsterdam's black hole. Naturally, the sensible one gets to be the heroine - and it's even her birthday - while the other two easier-going ladies play sidekicks. Kendra Moore, our heroine, is like, "Eee! Eee! Omigosh!" under the schooling of Master Sinclair "Sin" Martin. The fact that he's the event coordinator rather than the co-owner of the club is the author's sole deviation from the formula. Mild BDSM stuff follows, with a forced and most unrealistic happy ending tacked on at the end as the not-so-grand finish. To be fair, the author seems to be aware of how unrealistic that ending is, but still, it's there. Why does it have to be there?

Maybe I'd enjoy this one better if this one is even a little bit different from much of the erotic romance fare out there. At least the hero isn't a vampire, I suppose. Oh well.

Rating: 56

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