Boss Man
by Sierra Summers, contemporary (2011)
Liquid Silver Books, $3.99, ISBN 978-1-59578-828-3

Boss Man is a pretty enjoyable erotic romp featuring a curvy woman who for once doesn't have hang-up over her size, but your enjoyment of this story may hinge on your acceptance of how this story is set in such a small, small world. You see, Penny Lane had a crush on Dante Parker when she was a teenager, and what do you know, as an adult she ends up working just two degrees away from Dante, now the president of the company that she works for. Because he shows no recollection of the moments they had shared in the past, Penny understandably believes that her infatuation is somewhat one-sided.

When this story opens, Penny attends an old school friend's Valentine ball, where she ends up snagging two guys to fulfill her ménage à trois fantasy: Andrew Dawson, a cute guy she meets at the party, and a mysterious fellow who joins in when she is blindfolded. Ta-da, it turns out that Andrew's best friend that joined them is... you guessed it, Dante himself! See what I mean about how it such a small world when it comes to this story?

Also, the last moment conflict in this story - the padding after the shagging, if you will - feels very contrived, like an excuse for the author to pad a few more pages once the fun time is over. The conflict isn't silly by itself, mind you, it's just that the abrupt manner it is introduced into the story feels forced and artificial.

But on the whole, the characters are fine for a story of this short length and they have some great times in bed with themselves as well as with invited guests. Oh, and I better let you guys know: the ending is actually a conventional happy ending for two despite the presence of a second man in the bulk of the sex scenes in this story. This is not a true blue ménage à trois story. On the bright side, the sex scenes are pretty nicely written. Oh, alright, they're quite hot.

Boss Man delivers on the erotic front, but I wish the plot has been a little more better integrated into the story.

Rating: 77

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