by Flora Speer, historical/time travel (2000)
LoveSpell, $5.99, ISBN 0-505-52378-7

You know, paranormal romance author Flora Speer can get a bit schizophrenic at times. No, I don't mean that as an insult, but a statement on how I perceive her writing style. Sometimes she goes way over the top in dosing her stories with sugar (pick any one of her last two books). At other times, she takes the time to create sensitive heroes and their worthy heroines (the gem A Time To Love Again comes to mind). Timestruck leans more towards the latter category of Speer romances, which is a great relief.

Gina McCain has a lousy childhood so she doesn't trust anybody. While fiddling with her computer, however, she gets sent back to Charlemagne's time, right onto hubba-hubba knightly stud Dominick's bed. They share hot kisses and play lots of show-yours-I'll-show-mine games, but when intrigue arrives in prince Pepin's attempts to overthrow Charlemagne, both step in to save the world.

Timestruck is an enjoyable romance. I do like Dom's protectiveness over Gina, which can be quite touching. And he's a nice, sensitive man when it comes to her, maybe a bit too sensitive to the point of being toothless, but he's still a great man. Gina, on the other hand, is a disappointing one-note spunky woman who does things that border on lunacy at times. When trapped in the 8th century, the last thing a woman should do is to run around as if she's Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny without a care in the world.

And the whole intrigue is a bit of a letdown, really, as the villains are strictly one-dimensional cardboards.

Nonetheless, flaws and all, Timestruck and its great gruffy grizzly of a hunk hero make a great way to spend the afternoon. It's not deep or memorable, but it's a fun experience while it lasted.

Rating: 79

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