How To Win (Back) A Wife
by Lass Small, contemporary (1998)
Silhouette Desire, $3.75, ISBN 0-373-76201-1

There is something utterly satisfying about reading a gorgeous, drop dead sexy, if somewhat oblivious man feeling totally lost after his divorce. He can't cook, he can't eat, his now-bachelor pad is a mess, and he can't bring himself to date anyone. He spies on his ex's doings through a network of friendly relative and ex-in-law spy network, and runs off in pursuit when the ex-wife goes off on a hot-air balloon with another guy.

Simply wonderful. Likewise, how could I not give a chuckle when this same man, Tyler Fuller, is actually terrified when his female boss makes a move on him? Tyler divorces Kayla - accidentally, really, for he files for divorce in a desperate attempt to get her attention, and egads, she signs that thing! Drats. And when a he commiserates with his fellow male species that he would never understand woman, well, I laughed.

So this book is fun. But somehow, the author left out the heroine in this story. Oops. Okay, Kayla's the heroine, but the whole story is all from Tyler's point of view. I have no idea of her feelings, nor why they actually divorced in the first place, so I can't help but to wonder what this story is supposed to stand on in the first place.

It's a good thing I adore Tyler. Otherwise this book, with its almost nonexistent foundation and flimsiest of flimsy plot, would definitely be another pf those Why am I reading this again? case.

Rating: 47

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