Beautiful Cocksucker
by Barbara Sheridan, contemporary (2008)
Noble Romance Publishing, $1.99, ISBN 978-1-60592-015-3

The actual title has an asterisk in place of the "O" in that word, but I refuse to be a silly biddy and pretend that I have no idea what the asterisk is obscuring. So Beautiful Cocksucker it is, people. Repeat after me, darlings: Beautiful Cocksucker. This story generated some minor drama when some folks decided to create a bonfire for the author on the grounds of being a homophobe, an anti-Christ, and... I don't know, maybe even a Scientologist.

Is the title unnecessarily sensationalist? Perhaps so, but this is a work of erotica, and I have seen "worse" and more "disrespectful" titles than this one in my jaded years of reading erotica. Titillation is the reason the erotica genre exists, and the use of naughty and rude words in titles is par for the course in the titillation game. It is just like when Prince decided to have a band called the New Generation back in the 1990s and released a smooth and sexy song called Sexy Motherfucker. Also, having read this story, I can report the title of this story is lifted from one of the sex-charged conversations in this story and it reflects pretty accurately a pivotal moment when the power shifts in the relationship between the two main characters. Unlikely as it may seem, the title actually reflects the dynamic of the two main characters' relationship very well.

Oh yes, the story. This is a very short story, basically about an American cop, Ray Watts, who is as straight as a ladder until he comes in contact with an androgynous Japanese hunk whom he initially mistakes to be a woman. You can compare this to M Butterfly or The Crying Game if you wish, but the guys in those movies would wish that their stories end as, er, really happily as Ray's here. Ray is initiated into all kinds of fun play in the dungeons owned by the Japanese Inspector Miki Nabeshima's American friends. Yes, folks, what you hear about perverted Japanese people are all true, at least where this story is concerned.

As an erotica, I find this one to be pretty good. While I'm not sure that I am entirely convinced of Ray's easy submission into the world of gay sex and BDSM, this one makes some pretty spicy reading nonetheless. I find Ray pretty adorable as this fellow who is so sure that he knows which way he swings - he exudes just enough heterosexual masculine bravado at the start without overdoing it or coming off like an overcompensating Johnny Bravo, which makes his submission to the beautiful man who turned Ray inside out with lust an even more sensual reading experience.

As a story, this one is obviously lacking in the characterization and story line departments. As a quick and very naughty read, however, Beautiful Cocksucker does have its moments. It's a shame, I feel, that the author hasn't expanded this story a little bit more. The party ended just when it was about to get really good.

Rating: 79

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