Rose In The Mist
by Ana Seymour, historical (2002)
Jove (Irish Eyes), $5.99, ISBN 0-515-13254-3

Niall Riordon (can we have a ban on Irish heroes named Niall now, so many Nialls around, the name is getting boring) and his buddy Dr John Black are Irishmen (and hence, heroes) in Queen Elizabeth's court to negotiate with Lord Wolverton about the fate of their people and their lands. But Lord Wolverton isn't a very nice guy. His niece/ward, Catriona Sherwood, however, is nice. (Can we also have a ban on heroines named Catriona and the hero's abuse of the "cat" endearment too?)

Catriona has a secret agenda. She is a spy for her Irish friend Bobby and she will try and sabotage Niall and John's peace negotiation. But is Niall and John really negotiating for peace? Lots of intrigue abounds.

Rose In The Mist however, isn't as interesting as it should be. First off, the first half of the book has Niall and Cat attracted to each other, but trying their best, apparently, to avoid each other. All they do is talk about the other to their buddies. Um, interesting.

Then when they are thrown together, the predictable shennigans happen. No, wait, what's unpredictable is the heroine's accidentally blurting out to Niall and John that she is on their side. Right there, in public hearing, inside the Tower of London. That's funny, if I'm not so stunned by the heroine's gerbil brainpower.

Needless to say, she is arrested for treason. But instead of executing her, she is made to marry Niall (Queen E must be in a really good mood that day) instead. "Nay! I want to marry for love!" (nice to see where a heroine's priorities lie), et cetera follows.

Best of all, Cat's sudden reversal of opinions and starts doubting her mission, the moment she sees Niall's handsome face. Now, I know Niall's the hero. The author tells me that. But Cat doesn't know who Niall really is. So to have her immediately siding the hero even if she has just met him? If you ask me, that's not good instinct. That's just Cat being fickle.

Rose In The Mist just doesn't have it to be interesting.

Rating: 68

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