Staking Claim
by Madison Scott, contemporary (2011)
Liquid Silver Books, $3.99, ISBN 978-1-59578-798-9

Gabrielle Ellis loves 'em hard and fast. She dumps 'em just as hard and fast once they are past their expiry date. Her best friend Jake Marshal believes that this is because those men in Gabby's bed is not him. If he's in her bed, she won't kick him so easily. To prove this theory to the both of them, he pretty much kidnaps her for a weekend getaway. Don't worry - she is actually quite happy to play along, so the premise of Staking Claim isn't as creepy as it seems on paper.

The thing is, these two spend so much time in bed doing their favorite things to each other, there is very little space devoted to fleshing out the chemistry between them. I'm told repeatedly that they like each other and there was always an undercurrent of attraction between them in the past, but that's just it. I'm told, but I'm never shown any of this.

Still, perhaps I can't be asking too much from a short story. If you want to read this one, therefore, take it as it is: a short story about the bedroom acrobatics first and foremost. Keep your expectations low when it comes to romantic elements, and you'd be fine.

Rating: 64

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