by Lisabet Sarai, contemporary (2007)
Total-e-bound, £3.49, ISBN 978-1-906328-43-6

Incognito was previously published by Blue Moon Books in 2002. I have no idea though if this current edition is merely a reissue or whether it has been revised by the author.

Heroine Miranda Cahill is a typical heroine of erotica - she had a lousy experience with a cheating boyfriend so she's now this frigid studious type who, for her latest thesis on Victorian erotica, decides that the best way to conduct her research is to wear a mask and become the pincushion for various randy toads, male and female, in an assortment of sex clubs and orgy dens. Naturally, she soon realizes that the sexy masked hedonist and the frigid graduate student are one and the same and that a regular research subject, let's just say, turns out to be someone she will get to know quite well outside the human pincushion circuit. In other words, Incognito is a rather formulaic erotica featuring a typical heroine embarking on a predictable adventure of sexual awakening.

There are an assortment of naughty antics here involving all kinds of free-for-all combinations and sex toys. I suppose this can be a most interesting read if the lead character doesn't bore me silly with her oh-so-stereotypical behavioral pattern. She rarely takes the initiative, she can be neurotic, and she is not what I'd consider an interesting lead in such a story.

All in all, Incognito doesn't really come to life where I am concerned, due to the very familiar heroine and storyline. It is one story that instead reminds me too much of many generic eroticas that I have come across before.

Rating: 55

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