Magnetic Attraction
by Mandy M Roth, futuristic (2008)
Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 1-59998-109-2

Magnetic Attraction is part of the Droid Wars series and if you are new to this series, you can always catch up on who is waging war on who in my review of the previous book, Performance Criteria. Not that it really matters to know all the details, since this short story is one of those short stories.

Anyway, our heroine from the previous book, Dr Aeron Braxton, had somehow managed to rebuild the heroine of this story, Kiwi, in between rutting sessions with Aeron's tin-can loverboy Brad. If you have read the previous book, you may recall Brad announcing to readers that he's going to impregnate Aeron here with many, many little tin-can babies. Aeron must have neglected to put the have-my-babies-or-die chip into Kiwi (maybe the dim-witted bimbo put all of those chips into Brad) because Kiwi isn't going to spread 'em wide to Dr Cornell Ballou until about the halfway point of this story. Trust me, when it comes to stories of this kind, that's not fast or easy. Quite the reverse, actually.

Cornell is looking for his naughty MIA brother and Kiwi is there to help him as well as to provide pick-me-up shags like a good heroine is rebuild from scraps to do, until Kiwi's past comes back to threaten her newfound pork-a-minute "whooping through the galaxy" bliss with Cornell. Not that there is any actual sense of suspense where dangers are concerned here. Come to think of it, there isn't much here either when it comes to characterization, halfway decent romance, or even long-drawn naughty sex scenes. It's just a formulaic and predictable futuristic short story that promises to be naughty when all it really offers is a very quick read that leaves me dissatisfied due to how lacking it is in depths and substance.

At least the man in this story this time around is not telling me again and again that he's going to impregnate the heroine up to her eardrums, I suppose.

Rating: 57

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