Savage Desire
by Rosemary Rogers, historical (2000)
MIRA, $7.50, ISBN 1-55166-621-9

I confess it is curiosity that compelled me to fork out $7.50 on this book. I loathed Sweet Savage Love (the rape scene in the first chapter makes some great erotica material though) because the two main characters, Ginny and Steve, behave like characters in an Acme Road Runner Show with overheated genitals. I wonder if this new instalment of the Bickering Prepubsecents Boinking Saga will be any better.

I should've known, really. Steve and Ginny are people who may reach the age of 80 but their mental maturity will remain frozen at the age of 15. What else can explain that even after ten years together - ten, TEN, freakin' years - these two are still bickering and whining and mistrusting each other.

There are evil mistresses abound (too bad they never thought to lace his drink with hemlock when they're done with him), evil men who rape and use Ginny aiyaiyai (too bad they never thought to throw her over a cliff when they're done with her), stupid bickerings and tantrums that end more often than not with our heroine in tears and our hero all puffed up in misguided obstinancy...

Ten years. Ten years! And they're still behaving as if they're 15.

Too bad Ginny and Stevie aren't real. I may just tune in to Springer just to see them rip at each other and reveal cheating/dysfunctional sex stories to the delighted public. And at least Springer's brand of voyeuristic guilty pleasure is free. Rosemary Rogers charges $7.50 for the same brand of quality fun, and ah, I do want my money back.

Silly, silly me. Should've stuck to The Road Runner Show.

Rating: 04

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