Hot Spot
by Tory Richards, contemporary (2012)
Liquid Silver Books, $3.99, ISBN 978-1-59578-966-2

John O'Malley hits the Hot Spot where our heroine Samantha is concerned, but back then when they were teens, John wanted to get it on all the time and Sammy opted to marry John's more stable (read: boring) brother Pat instead. When, that was then. Today, Sammy is divorced from Pat, but it's okay, they are still on talking terms and she's invited to the family reunion. Since she's tired of getting her jollies from her dildo (really), it's great to bump into John again at the reunion. Oh, and bumping uglies too - that's even greater. After that, they decide to get it on again and again within the sanctity of marriage, the end.

Well, it is a short story.

On the bright, there is decent chemistry and the love scenes are pretty, er, atmospheric. The characters aren't deep, but they are likable and, most importantly, sane. The story is well-paced - then again, it's mostly about the boinking - and the main characters' interactions with the other family members feel natural instead of forced or cheesy.

So there's chemistry, there's sex, and there are some likable people in the lead roles. All in all, this one definitely hits the right spot.

Rating: 82

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