Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas
by Louise Rennison, contemporary (2001)
Piccadilly, 6.99, ISBN 1-85340-643-0

Before you ask, "nunga-nungas" means boobies. Or basoomas. Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas is the third instalment of the diary of Georgia Nicolson, a fourteen-year old British teenager. The first book is Angus, Thongs And Full-Frontal Snogging and the second is On The Bright Side, I'm Now The Girlfriend Of A Sex God.

They say that third's the charm. Or something. Alas, not so here.

Then again, maybe it's me. I find Georgia's incessant whining about her life irritating. I'd rather listen to a symphony of nails screeching on blackboard than to subject myself to a rereading of this book. I like the last two books, but by book three, the charm is really wearing thin.

This time around, the plot revolves around Georgia growing nunga-nungas just like her buxom mother. She is not happy. Then there's the usual boyfriend angst with Robbie, and other things that get Georgia so whiny and petulant about.

I don't know. I mean, sure, fourteen-year olds can be supremely self-absorbed, but this daily blow-by-blow account of a girl insulting all her friends and family and cat and dog while making stupid "deep remarks" really test my patience. Most damaging is that Georgia here is the same Georgia as in Angus - supremely deluded, self-absorbed, believes that the world revolves around her, and worst of all, much less funny or smart than she believes herself to be.

Let me put Georgia and her nunga-nungas aside and watch an episode of Malcolm In The Middle instead. It's been fun, but I'm growing up and moving out. Byeeee!

Rating: 52

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