Now And Forever
by Kimberly Raye, paranormal (2001, 1996 reissue)
Silhouette Dreamscapes, $4.50, ISBN 0-373-51145-0

Page 8 (start of Chapter 1): 27-year old heroine Kayla bursts into tears as she remembers her dead grandfather.

Page 13: Kayla wipes tears from her cheeks.

Page 21: Moonlight bathes Kayla's tear-streaked face (even in a flashback she's weeping, for Jeeber's sake!).

Page 28: Tears start brimming in Kayla's eyes as her boss reprimands her for negligence and absentee behavior.

Page 32: Kayla has a lump in her throat as a kind woman treats her nicely.

Page 33: The lump explodes, and the tears start falling.

I can't go on. By the way, the gaps in the list above? That's because those pages are devoted to the hero. I'm sure there is a good story in here somewhere, about the hero Jase and Kayla being kids of dark magic or something like that, but the heroine's tears are like fingernails on blackboard. I can't take it. One more teary-eyed, lump-in-throat, eek-eek-eek from Kayla and I will start taking hostages.

Towards the end, things get better, Kayla stops weeping - somewhat - and starts worrying and hopping around like a neurotic popcorn on a hot plate instead. The hero's cool, if a bit too passive for my liking and too intent on being mysterious that he "speaks" (mind telepathy, actually) mostly in italics and loses me completely.

But really, Kayla is weeping again. That's a sign for me to jump ship. Sayonaraaaaaaa...!!!

Rating: 53

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