by Anne Rainey, contemporary (2009)
Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-352-4

"You're my sweet angel, Ally. Your blonde hair looks like a halo framing your face." He paused a moment, just staring, then said, "What we're about to do... It's different, Ally. I've been with girls, you know that, but with you, it's just different, that's all."

I don't know about anyone else, but if a guy says that to me when he's supposed to be, you know, putting his mouth to better use just when we're about to get to the really good part, he's going to ruin the mood more effectively than the sight of one's daddy knocking on the window of the car and waving a pack of condoms.

"Remember, this is special. We're special together, Ally."

Oh, shut up already!

On top of having to endure all that cringe-inducing chatter from Blake Steele, Ally Ryanaldo found herself without her "special" boyfriend come next morning when he hightailed it out of town. Poor Ally. Anyway, when this story cuts to the present, Blake is back, ready to play. How does Ally reward him? By getting together with her buddy Heather for a ménage à trois with Blake, among other things.

This could have been a sexy story if I could discount the constant stream of vapid nonsense coming from Blake's mouth, but the author really ruins the story by tacking on a plot about how a couple of steamy sex scenes are enough to cement one's love forever and ever. This is one instance where being a plotless sex romp would be a better way to go for Burn. Why not just let me enjoy my naughty read without hitting me in the head with an insulting tacked-on "love" thing? It's not as if I would write a long blog entry denouncing the evil of pornography and blame the downfall of civilization on the author, you know.

Rating: 52

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