The Viscount Who Loved Me
The 2nd Epilogue

by Julia Quinn, historical (2006)
Avon, $1.99, ISBN 0-06-123544-X

It's In His Kiss
The 2nd Epilogue

by Julia Quinn, historical (2006)
Avon, $1.99, ISBN 0-06-123550-4

The Viscount Who Loved Me: The 2nd Epilogue and It's In His Kiss: The 2nd Epilogue are each a 31-paged and 38-paged book (the page count includes the cover, a pointless blank page after the cover, a copyright page, the author's bio page, and the back cover). These two books are on sale because clearly Julia Quinn's fans can't enough of her books that they will buy anything with her name on it so Avon and Ms Quinn surely cannot say no to these people.

In the second epilogue to The Viscount Who Loved Me, we fast foward to fifteen years down the road in the lives of Anthony Bridgerton and his wife Kate as they reenact the Pall Mall match complete with rowdy behaviors and really sentimental gushings of true love that are not safe for those with diabetes or low sugar tolerance. This is basically a story of how wonderful a husband Anthony is as he indulges his wife and children while still loving her as much as he did when he first fell for her, la-di-dah fantasy fulfillment la-da-di, as well as how the other Bridgertons (hi, Daphne) who show up that still love each other and, I'm sure, you and me as well forever and ever. But seriously, aside from the often too-sweet gushings of love, this one is a hoot as well as a riot as nobody is playing fair and pretty much everyone is trying to win at all costs. While this is not the funniest account of a riotous game that I've read in a while (the honor still goes to a scene in Connie Brockway's The Bridal Season), I have great fun with this one. It's like a nice cup of chocolate with sometimes a little too much milk and sugar - it won't be a filling meal in itself but it nonetheless provides ample satisfaction. This one gets a 76 from me.

The second epilogue of It's In His Kiss takes a peek into the lives of Gareth, Hyacinth, and Isabella nine years down the road when Hyacinth and Isabella are having some gentle Gilmore Girls blues. This one meanders a little, with the author basically having Gareth and Hyacinth gushing about how much they still love each other (there's even a quick love scene, of all things), Isabella reflecting and therefore rehashing a few key scenes in It's In His Kiss perhaps to refresh the memories of the readers, some reiteration of how wonderful and perfect these characters are, and the eventual discovery of the Bridgerton jewels. Although Ms Quinn has Hyacinth taking great pains to remind me that Isabella doesn't want the jewels for the fact that they are expensive, of course, she's all about family history and heritage and other boring yadda-yadda-yaddas. I found the characters a complete bore the first time around and nothing in this second epilogue will change my mind. That's good in a way, I suppose, since character consistency and continuity are definitely present here, heh. A 54 from me for this one.

If you really need to get these books - and I understand that Ms Quinn intends to release more in the future, one for each of her books - or you believe that Ms Quinn can use the money to buy herself a new dress this Christmas, you can do so at the links below.

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