Six And Sexy
by Eve Powers, paranormal (2008)
Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-008-0

Meet Six. He's a reaper working for Death, which means he facilitates the passing of people marked by Death as folks whose time is up. However, when he receives his latest assignment, he realizes that he's slowly falling in love with Shelby Morrison, an ordinary gal who for some reason manages to get him all hot and bothered when no one else in the past could. How will poor Six ever finish his assignment now?

The problem with Six And Sexy is that it is a novella, a short one. And with that arises a slew of predictable, even clichéd, problems associated with character development and believability of the romance. I still have no idea what motivates Six to fall for Shelby - it just happens and perhaps the reader should just assume that love is fait accompli when it comes to this story.

Having said that, I find the reaper thing interesting, although I wonder why Death can't just wait for these people to walk in front of a bus or something instead of having all these reapers going around "harvesting" souls. The whole system feels unnecessarily complicated at times. Still, Death is quite an interesting character here as she's not the one-dimensional bitch boss from hell and I think I'd be interested in a trip back to this setting as long as the story will be longer than this one.

Six And Sexy could have been an interesting story, but its length prevents the author from doing much with the story. The party is over before it has ever started.

Rating: 64

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