What's New, Pussycat?
by Alexandra Potter, contemporary (2000)
Fourth Estate, 5.99, ISBN 1-84115-378-8

What's New, Pussycat? is a light, charming story about a young woman's coming-of-age, told in a style that is just bubbling with fun and pizazz.

Delilah Holdsworth experiences the Moment Of Truth when her boyfriend of so long Lennie proposes. Ohmigosh, since when has Lennie ceased to be a boyfriend and becomes a habit? But never fear, our gal packs up her Tom Jones records and throws her few possessions into the back of her car. London, watch out - here comes Delilah!

Delilah soon realizes that life in a big town isn't as fun as they made it out to be on TV. Sure, she catches the eye of rich, fabulously fun, and also very oily Charlie who shows her life on the high and trendy side. But there's also Sam, the fun but more down-to-earth guy who tends the local eatery. And soon Delilah would have to make a choice - what really matters to her in her life?

There are moments when Delilah comes off as immature or selfish, but that only adds to her charm. She's human. This woman is wicked and witty, and while I haven't lived in London long enough (at all, really) to verify the authenticity of her "observations" of life in London, I have a great laugh out of them. Here is a middle-class girl thrust into Charlie's Notting Hill environment. Coping and adapting can be a chore - and great comedy. I have a great laugh out of the whole book.

WN,P? is a great book when I'm in need of some fun and laughter. It's also very light in terms of substance - it is very easy to forget about it after I'm done reading. Sam and Charlie have little personalities, especially. But no matter. Meeting Delilah Holdsworth is reward enough. Bubbly, fizzy, and absolutely fabulous, this woman just shines.

Rating: 85

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