Blind Obedience
by Brandi Michaels, contemporary (2001)
Ellora's Cave, $4.45, ISBN 1-84360-006-4

Here's something I don't read every day: a romance story with some mild bondage scenes. The last I remembered reading was... no, wait, Thea Devine's Desired doesn't have bondage, but spanking and whipping instead. So Blind Obedience is something of a first.

Oh, and since I have received complains for writing some rather R-rated language (or "crude tastelessness" as some would call it) in my reviews, this one will be in nice euphemisms. No doubt this will only cause some to accuse me of using childish euphemisms for sex, but I can sleep easier knowing Junior out there wouldn't know what a blow job is. Oops, I didn't say that.

Our heroine Thea is a little bit miffed at her boyfriend Blake. Blake has been a little distant lately. If that bastard is having an affair... to shake him up a little, Thea spent a (platonic) night at her ex's place. Blake gets wind of this - he is dating the ex-CEO's daughter, after all, so people talk - and decides to get even. What happens is a weekend getaway at an isolated cabin where Blake then subjects Thea to some interesting survival skills. Like how to give CPR, how to ease rather painful swellings, how to do good chiropractor stuff, and of course, a course in escapology and, er, male-female bonding can't hurt too. Thea protests, but soon she is getting the schooling of herself. Survivor 4 - watch out.

Er... that's it for the plot. Blake and Thea aren't as well-developed characters as they are well-endowed in the stamina and prowess departments. The sex is pretty fun, especially when both participants try to jostle to be on the hot seat. I sometimes wish for something more on the emotional side, like maybe some soul-to-soul chats rather than incessant hip-to-hip how's-yer-daddy, but hey, I'll take Blind Obedience as what it is: a dirty, naughty fun weekend getaway that will chase those spiceless blues away.

Rating: 69

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