Taking On The Law
by Cheyenne McCray, contemporary (2007)
Ellora's Cave, $4.45, ISBN 978-1-4199-0983-2

Poor Erin Wilson. She's caught in a plot straight out of a bad romance novel. Oh, wait. Anyway, Erin catches her boyfriend in bed with her best friend and these two have the courtesy of mentioning what a "cold fish" Erin is in bed while they are going at it. You'd think they are having sex for Erin's sake, I tell you. It's just the culmination of a really bad day for Erin so she's now ripping down the road in her sports car until she gets stopped by a cop.

"Dave Bennett's cock went hard" at the sight of Erin, which reassures me of how much I can rely on him as a professional cop. Dave and Erin were each other's first love as well as first shag back in high school until she ditched him to star in her own Harlequin Mills and Boon story of cheating boyfriends and more. The next thing I know, these two are going at it up and down like a pair of overly-hormonal rabbits with plenty of usage of accessories provided by Dave's occupation. Oh, and it's of course love at the end of the day.

All that sex take up about 40 or so pages out of 66 but I'm expecting something like this when I purchase Taking On The Law so it's not as if I am complaining. Definitely not when these scenes certainly deliver in terms of turning up the temperature. A plus of this story, however, is the fact that the romance feels more believable since those two have a history and therefore the foundation for a more emotional bond is already there. I'm not saying that I believe these two are in love, of course, as there are more sex than any other kind of bonding going on here, but I can believe these two like each other enough to think they are in love, as opposed to a couple who don't know each other having sex and then telling me they are getting married after 40 pages of hot sex.

Anyone who want depths and good plot really should be looking elsewhere. You read this book, you have fun, and then you put it aside as you move on to stories with meatier plots. Therefore, for what it is - a quick spicy appetizer of a read from which one can expect immediate gratification and nothing more - Taking On The Law delivers very nicely.

Rating: 83

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