by Belle McClain, contemporary (2009)
Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-612-8

Andrew and Carla have been married for 19 years. Andrew and Sam know each other since high school. Carla has a crush on Sam and what do you know, he has a crush on her too. Meanwhile, Carla and Andrew have plenty of sex. Andrew and Carla have some argument about the possibility of Carla having an affair with Sam, before he tells her that he actually wants to see Carla and Sam have sex. His rationale is that he feels that she is not fully satisfied with him alone. And then all three of them go to bed.

In case you are wondering, the above paragraph is my attempt to mirror Ms McClain's style of writing in Trio. Sometimes I wonder whether I am reading a hot story or a police report.

Carla lay beside him, pressed into the curve of his body. She must be using her hand. Sam started breathing heavily. Andrew propped himself up on his elbow to watch. One of Sam's hands hung off the side of the bed and the other rested on Carla's hip. His eyes were closed, but his face tensed into ecstasy. Carla grinned at Andrew. Andrew kissed her. Her mouth tasted warmer and softer than normal. He slipped his hand between her nether lips, her clit hot and hard on his fingers. Gasping, she rocked her hips against his hand, still working Sam with her hand and Andrew's throbbing shaft trapped between her body and his.

I tell you, I have never been this excited since I came across the instruction manual for that fix-it-yourself wardrobe I bought from IKEA two weeks ago. Put this in here. Poke that in. Screw this up. Turn it over. Such drama, I tell you! How can my heart take in all this excitement?

Trio could have been an interesting ménage à trois story because the author focuses not just on the sex scenes but also on the emotions of her characters. All three have to deal with the aftermath of their party for three and the whole thing could have made for some interesting reading... if I can overlook the assembly line writing style of the author.

If you can overlook that, you could very well find a three-is-fun story that attempts to do more than just to give the reader cheap thrills. Good luck!

Rating: 70

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