Anything For Sasha
by Samantha Lucas, contemporary (2007)
Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-397-4

I don't know what the author is trying to do here, but when there are two consecutive chapters that begin with "Six months ago", I think this is definitely a case of the author going a little too far with the fancy "I'm so arty because I don't do linear chronology in my stories" gimmick. The story in Anything For Sasha is simple - Sasha, a waitress, and Matthew, a handsome customer, end up having a one night stand with some rather predictable consequences - but the author keeps going back and forth when it comes to the chronology in a way that I find more irritating than interesting.

It also doesn't help that the characters don't seem to be even halfway realistic as much as they are just confusing. Sasha behaves like a creepy little girl stuck in the body of a twentysomething, Matthew is... just confusing as he overreacts often. The characters are often unnecessarily melodramatic. Couple that to a writing style that seems more showy and pretentious than coherent and Anything For Sasha seems like the incoherent work of an overly ambitious first year drama student with too much flair for melodrama. It's just too over the top for me and for the most part too much of a chore to read.

Rating: 52

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