Sleepless In Montana
by Cait London, contemporary (1999)
Avon, $5.99, ISBN 0-380-80038-1

Eighteen years ago, Carley Kodiak is saved by her brothers from an attempted rape. Cut to the present, where Carley is now receiving nasty parcels containing underwear and threats from the madman. Jemma, her best friend, decides that the only way Carley can be protected is by rounding up the entire Kodiak clan and forming a defensive circle around Carley. Now Jemma would have to knock down the walls of the hunkiest and most headstrong Kodiak brother, Hogan. The clothes come down too, later in the story, much to both's delight.

What can I say? Miss London is a wonderful writer, and I do adore Jemma's good-natured personality and strength. Hogan is one sexy hunk who can come rescue me from distress anytime. However, this story has the same problem that bugs the previous Cait London book: too many things going on at one time.

For one, there are so many characters fighting for the limelight, each with their own issues. Hogan and Jemma. Hogan and his father Ben. Ben and his estranged wife. Carley with her adopted brother Mitch. Jemma's guilt and Carley. Hogan's guilt and Carley. Carley's discovery of her inner strength. Don't forget the psycho. Pack all these in 373 pages and the result is such that everyone's story gets shortchanged in terms of depth and intensity.

Hence, there're good writing and storytelling in there, and the main characters are good. This book just needs some trimming down in terms of cast.

Rating: 48

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