Blue Moon
by CD Ledbetter, paranormal (2000)
DLSIJ Press, $5.65, ISBN 1-928973-34-5

Carla Ledbetter's Blue Moon is an interesting story, that I can say. It has heroine Mary Corbett more than happy to switch assignments (to appraise a tumbledown estate outside Baton Rouge) with a colleague. After all, she'll get to be away from the cold Bostonian weather.

Still, she doesn't expect meeting her old flame Jack Windom. Worse, Jack is going to be working with her. Worst, Jack is married. Hmm, but wifey is dying though, so that's wonderf- er, a very tragic event, yes sirrah! Add in some old witchy biddies who tell Mary that her arrival is preordained by some spirits, some Voodoo elements, and some ghostly apparitions and Mary is way on her own to having a jolly good time. When she starts dreaming about the long dead owners of the estate, she decides to solve the mystery of their deaths. But hey, some people will go all out to keep skeletons kept in the closet.

I find Blue Moon a decent read. The Gothic suspense elements are pretty good. But I find the romance angle somewhat of a bore, Jack being not too interesting a fellow (he never really comes to life). Mary's a great heroine though - intelligent, spunky, and witty.

For an easy suspense read with some romance lite, Blue Moon will do nicely.

Rating: 79

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