The Sea Sprite
by Ruth Langan, historical (2001)
Harlequin Historical, $4.99, ISBN 0-373-29165-5

The conclusion to the author's Sirens Of The Sea trilogy (the others are The Sea Witch and The Sea Nymph), The Sea Sprite is better than Nymph but Witch is even better.

The heroine is our final unhitched Lambert sisters, Darcy. Darcy has once loved this man called Gray Barton, her first, ever, mostest true love, but alas, Gray went sailin' and never came back. Darcy is grief-stricken, because she knows they are soulmates ever since he saved her when she was five... talk about puppy love. Anyway, Darcy knows she will never recover from her Lost Love, and she will never love again... (near, far, wherever you arrrrre... I believe that the heart does go on.... oh shut up, Celine Dion)... ooh hoo.

Still, our ship captain lass must go on with life. While running some supplies between Wales and Scotland (sssh!), our heroine is stunned when a man who looks just like Gray Barton enlists in her crew. But he doesn't remember a thing about his past (aha!) and he calls himself Gryf. The old Grayson supposedly died when his ship exploded into flames, and Gryf here bears burn marks. Darcy feels her heart sing. "You're here, there's nothing to fear! And I know that my heart will go and on...." they duet in heartrending soul-mate harmonies.

But of course, the enemies who want Gray dead won't be happy if they know he's alive. But is Gryf really Gray? (I said Gray, people.) And will they find love amidst pirate/law shennigans? Will Darcy jump when Gryf jump? Oops, wrong story.

Anyway, The Sea Sprite is filled with ship swashbuckly fun, lots of heroine getting into trouble and needing her soulmate/other half/whatever to rescue her. Who needs character or relationship development? Honey, these two have been in forever in love since they were kids, mind you. All they are waiting for is the chance to do the pumpies that now they are way past legal age - excuse me, teenagers don't pet in romance novels. Like Darcy insists to me, they were chaste. Whatever, dear.

Lots of adventures, not enough emotional punches, The Sea Sprite is the perfect beach read.

Rating: 76

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