Fierce Heat
by Celia Kyle and Lizzie Lynn Lee, futuristic (2010)
Liquid Silver Books, $4.50, ISBN 978-1-59578-678-4

Isic Godfrey and Ferr Segur are two genetically modified humans in a futuristic setting. They can turn into Bengal tigers, and even better, they do each other while Lady Gaga's Boys Boys Boys plays in the background of the spacecraft Armorer. Ice is the "Prince of Ice", although given how he is whining in the first seven pages that he wants to be boinked, I don't see how he can lay claim to that title without having everyone burst into laughter.

"Does it matter anyway? Just fuck me. I'm leaking already."

Oh dear, you don't want me to tell you the truly gross image that crossed my mind when Ice said that.

Anyway, Chapter 1 has two men leaking and boinking and Chapter 2 has our heroine Amaya awakening from a naughty dream in a state of, er, moaning. Well, relief is at hand, heh, as our heroes show up to help Amaya when she tries to stop a monster alien from munching up the tigers she has painstakingly saved and nurtured from a wartorn Earth. Our futuristic Mother Noah wannabe hadn't noticed them on the ship before, but she definitely notices them and their flaccid five-inch pee-pees now. A confrontation with her ex sees her claiming the two men as her mates, and you can guess the rest, I'm sure.

Fierce Heat is very thin on plot and really, you shouldn't read this one if you expect anything more than - I quote - "Cubs and boobies! Yay!" In the case of Fierce Heat, a great show of humor and camp wryness makes it very easy for me to enjoy this story. If you want to read this short story, my advice is: don't think, just read the naughty scenes, and remember Lady Gaga's words of wisdom.

When we dance real crazy
Glam-aphonic, electronic, disco baby
I like you a lot lot
All we want is hot hot

Rating: 70

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