The Family Way
by Jayne Ann Krentz, contemporary (1999,1987 reissue)
MIRA, $5.99, ISBN 1-55166-555-7

How sad, but I've really, really outgrown Jayne Ann Krentz. While five years ago I may like reading books like The Family Way, today I am disgusted that these two characters in the book dare to even do the family way thing when they are just plain morons.

Pru Kenyon loves Case McCord, but she is tired of him not wanting to marry her, so she decides to cut bait. Good for her, I thought, until Case comes home to demand that she sits down, forgets about her needs, and play the happy dumb woman he wants her to be. And Pru, who knows that deep inside, the asshole may just smell like flowers or something like that, starts playing the doormat.

Oh, and she's pregnant. When he finds out and proposes, well, of course she doesn't want to now. She wants to marry for LOVE, not out of obligation. And it's just three words - "I love you" - he has to say to make the silly chit consent to his emotional manipulation... wait, that's not right. He has manipulated her up and down, abetted by "happy" evil matchmaking people, so... uh, yeah, he wants her. That's why he wants to marry her. Because he wants her.

It's tiresome, the whole annoying nonsense these two people get up to just because the dumb stubborn jackass is too dumb to lie and say "Honey, I love you! Marry me! Wash my car! Clean my undies! Wear thongs all day! Get a boob job! Oh, and can you go down on me after you've brought me my beer?"


Rating: 47

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