The Cat's Fancy
by Julie Kenner, paranormal (2000)
LoveSpell (The Time Of Your Life), $5.99, ISBN 0-505-52397-3

I'm going to be fair and nice and tell everyone that this book isn't my taste. I think I'm the wrong audience for The Cat's Fancy, because (a) I think the only cat worth keeping is Garfield, (b) I hate cutesy heroines whose ditzy antics make the world fall onto its knees before her, and (c) I can't forgive convoluted plots and barely one-note characterization for the sake of a cute read. Did I say I hate cutesy heroine who acts giggly and gets her way more of by chance than her own efforts?

This The Little Mermaid-like story has cat Maggie transforming to a woman to save her beloved master Nicholas Goodman from marrying a nasty, singularly annoying Angela. Beware, cat-owners, you may not want to stroke your cats again after reading this story. Eeugh, does Fabio the Tomcat look a bit too pleased to see me? Euw, euw, euw.

I digress (keep in mind I'm the wrong audience for this story). Maggie becomes a naked, very silly, very ignorant woman who can barely speak English. She may as well has EASY stamped on her forehead, because that's what she is: utterly, absolutely besotted on Nick. The story, therefore, hinges only on Nick's ability/inability to break off his engagement to Angela (he's marrying her for a partnership). And Nick has to end up looking like a fool as a result, because let's face it, having to choose between a singularly annoying whiner of an Other Woman and a too-cute, too-"innocent" ditz isn't something a handsome hunk would boast about.

Most of the humor is at the expense of the heroine, where any depth and intelligent behavior is sacrificed for The Crosby Show-like Awww moments and cheap laughs. Add in Nick's silly sister who falls for Nick's buddy, and between sis Deena and Maggie, it is enough to drive me up the wall.

Maybe it's just me. Told you I'm the wrong audience for this book. Now excuse me while I go check my blood sugar. Just in case.

Rating: 44

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