Heat Of The Moment
by Elle Kennedy, contemporary (2008)
Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-045-5

Shelby Harper wants John Garrett really badly. He wants her really badly too. But for some reason each of them decides that the other person just isn't interested. But when Shelby overhears his friend Carson Scott telling Garrett that she's not the kind of person he usually goes for (read: boring), she decides that she'll do what she thinks Garrett wants his women to do. She'll do a threesome with him!

Sigh. And here I am thinking that young women usually stop being this desperate for a man's attention after they have graduated from college. At any rate, Shelby and Garrett finally get together, she does something stupid so that there will be an argument and therefore I can't say that this story is all about sex and nothing else, and it's the end.

Heat Of The Moment is a very short story and I suppose some folks out there will find this story most useful as a fifteen-minute source of titillation. But I usually prefer my smutty stories to have characters that are at least halfway intelligent, so...

Rating: 50

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