Total Eclipse Of The Heart
by Crystal Jordan, paranormal (2008)
Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 1-60504-208-0

Total Eclipse Of The Heart is supposed to be an expanded and revised "book", and I have to say, if this very short story has been expanded, I cannot imagine how short the original version must be!

Eclipse in the title could be a reference to the club where all the spooks like werewolves and vampires gather to socialize and party the night away. It belongs to werewolf Rachel and her mate Jerrod. Werewolves mate for life, with only one mate, so imagine Rachel's consternation when she feels the "mate mate mate" thing towards another female werewolf, Lena, on her anniversary with Jerrod no less. Lots of wolf whoopee ensue, until the big Alpha shows up to deliver the smackdown on such controversial antics. I believe the Alpha hasn't read enough erotic paranormal romances.

This one is better off treated as an erotica because the "romance" here seems more like a hormonal urge - an itch in the groin, if you will - passed off as "love". There is no credible emotional bonding here, just three people compelled by their hormones to take off their clothes and make love in the club, just like that song by Usher would go. It's probably a good thing, therefore, that the sex scenes are pretty hot here. This makes reading this story worthwhile in a way. After all, I certainly won't recommend this short story if what you are looking for is a good story.

Rating: 70

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