Big Girls Don't Die
by Crystal Jordan, paranormal (2009)
Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-379-1

On Valentine's Day, our vampire heroine Cynthiana Trent is reunited with Andre St James, the hot guy who turned her into an undead after a scorching one night stand six months ago. They parted ways back then in a manner best described as less than graceful, which is understandable as you can't expect a date where the guy sinks his fangs into the startled woman to end well. Andre is back this time around to je t'aime our heroine into being his beloved mate, although Cynthia doesn't really put up anything more than lip service when it comes to resisting him.

The best things about this very short story are the erotic love scenes. Ms Jordan has a knack for writing down and dirty stuff that isn't prettied up by euphemisms and she doesn't get too clinical in the process either. The rest of the story suffers from very recognizable stereotypes running around playing out a script that isn't exactly interesting. This is one short story where I'd have preferred the plot being ditched aside altogether for more love scenes, because now those are indeed hot. The rest of this story, alas, isn't as hot.

Rating: 57

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