The Goddess Within
by Amarinda Jones, contemporary (2007)
Total-e-bound, £1.49, ISBN 978-1-906328-28-3

Our heroine Mardi Keller along with her friends happen to overhear one day over the walkie-talker this fellow telling his friend, "She has the most luscious arse I have ever seen. My cock stands up and salutes every time she walks by. And those breasts. I just know they would be delicious to suck on." Instead of telling this fellow that he needs to stop reading his mother's erotic romance books so often, these women speculate that Mardi is this fellow's object of salutation.

One of her friends interrupts the conversation of Mr I Suck On Redheads here to tell him that Mardi will be at the Brew-Ha-Ha Café waiting for him. With friends like these... they don't even pause to wonder whether this guy could be some kind of whackjob.

The Goddess Within sees Mardi and the whackjob in question, Stryler Reed having what is supposed to be mind-blowing sex. He then proposes and she's all "Are you crazy?" in response. But she marries him and I go, "Are you crazy?"

Then again, maybe not. Okay, so the guy is really creepy in the sense that he describes vividly his sexual fantasies about Mardi over the workplace communication system, but he's loaded, he's hot, and he tells her that her cellulite is sexy. As long as he doesn't start getting cellulite, I suppose a woman can do worse than a hot, hung, and loaded guy who behaves like an adoring puppy where she is concerned.

Therefore, as a complete escapist "plumpy lands hottie" sexy fantasy, I suppose The Goddess Within isn't bad at all. The hero is creepy, true, but his pluses, especially when I take into account his bank account, pretty much override the minuses.

Rating: 75

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