Hot Spot
by Susan Johnson, contemporary (2005)
Berkley, $15.00, ISBN 0-425-20257-7

Books more enjoyable than this flimsy, badly-written, and thankfully short story about Danny Rees and Stella Scott having sex and arguing non-stop (which is exactly what the plot is, by the way):

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2. How To Perform Mammograms At Home Using Your Refrigerator Door

3. Lobotomy For Dummies

4. Britney and Kevin: Chaotic!... The Photo Album

5. Be Kool-Aid! How To Be A Cool Death Cult Member

6. Scientologize It - Tom Cruise's Guide to Better Living

7. OMG HES sO CuTe!!!!!!!111111111111 - A Comprehensive Guide Into The Psyche of a Teenaged American Idol Fan

8. Photographs of Scurvy and Other Oral Diseases

9. A Pictorial Guide To Self-Performed Colonoscopy

10. Fat Tattooed Slobs In Vegas: REAL Captures From Vegas Strip Joints

Rating: 17

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