The Pet Rabbit
by Silapa Jarun, historical (2007)
Lulu, $1.25, ISBN N/A

The Pet Rabbit is the first book in Silapa Jarun's Ono Suzue: A Man Of Talent In The Meiji Era series. At the time of writing, it's available as a download at because the author is unable to sell this book to many electronic publishers out there. Perhaps that is because The Pet Rabbit is not an erotic romance story. It's a yaoi tale but the main character, Ono Suzue, is a sociopath. This story is like The Talented Mr Ripley gone yaoi and it's not for everybody. Fortunately for the author and me, this is a story that is right up my alley.

Professor Ono Suzue is a doctor. I don't know how to reveal more about him without giving away spoilers, so let me just say that he is a very charismatic character who at the same time is deranged enough to commit all kinds of nasty acts in the name of what he perceives to be a greater good. Set in Tokyo in 1883, this story introduces the good doctor by having him seduce a student, Kawana Tomoji, into being his unwitting biological experiment test subject as well as instrument in a plan he is hatching against the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Pet Rabbit is a delicious read. It manages to be disquietingly sick and disturbing at times without the author resorting to outright gore. Suzue is a completely amoral larger-than-life sociopath who is fascinating and repulsive at the same time. He is a well-written antihero in my opinion and I find myself itching to follow more of his bloodthirsty actions.

The quibble I have with this story is that the story is short and therefore there is a rushed feel to the overall storyline development. The story has its implausible moments at times, but that's okay with me however because this is, after all, a larger-than-life story with typical exaggerated yaoi elements and therefore it isn't meant to reflect reality accurately. I just wish the story has been longer because I really find Ono Suzue a most magnetic bad boy to remember.

It's a pity that the author has to resort to Lulu to get this story published since the average sales figure of Lulu at the time of writing is 1.8 per title. This story deserves a wider exposure than that, I believe, so if you are a fan of bad boy yaoi such as the Dragon's Disciple series by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain, do your part for the greater good and give this book a try. You can always send me hate-mails later if you don't like it.

Rating: 85

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