Night Visitor
by Melanie Jackson, historical (2001)
LoveSpell, $5.50, ISBN 0-505-52423-6

The copyeditor of this story should be forced to watch Teletubbies twenty times. In Chapter 2, I am told that the hero is in 1964. It is a 1964 where there's no mention of money or any 1964'ish things. Then on Chapter 4, the hero is in 1664. What on earth...? Finally, it hit me. It's a typographical error. Sheesh.

And what is that woman doing on that tree on the cover anyway? I don't think she is wearing any underwear.

Oh yes, the story. It's a time travel thingie. Tafaline Lytton - gawd, I keep thinking of mothballs whenever I see that name - is a modern late 19th century photographer who, in her latest "Prove my worth to my Daddy" sojourn, stumbles upon the skeleton of a dead Highland hottie. She touches it, and oops, she pricks herself and her blood falls onto the bones. In 1664 (I really hope it is 1664 and not 1964), the still-alive hottie, Malcolm, sees this vision of out Tafaline and decides that ooh, she's the one for him. Yeah baby!

They dream of each other. Then one day Taffy grabs her rifle and goes back in time to save Malcolm from dying. So now she is stuck in 1664. So what now? What else? Highland love's on the menu.

Taffy and Malcolm are decent characters. Their romance is decent. Everything is decent, as a matter of fact. It's just that I spend a while absolutely confused about the 1964 thing that I can't enjoy the romance fully. A second rereading tells me though that Night Visitor, while not exactly setting my senses on fire, isn't too bad a book.

Rating: 76

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