Bad Heir Day
by Wendy Holden, contemporary (2000)
Headline, 5.99, ISBN 0-7472-6130-X

I can't help feeling embarrassed on the author's behalf when she follows her debut with a book that may as well be a carbon copy of her first book. Bad Heir Day is Simply Divine step-by-step. It's embarrassing, because I can predict what the main character Anna would do based on what Jane did in Simple Divine. Predictable action, very familiar plot - hello deja vu. Can I have my six pounds back?

Anna decides to babysit rich tosser Cassandra who is a total bitch. Surprise! Just like Jane in that Other Book babysitting Champagne. Anna falls for guy who remains absent throughout the story, and cement their kisses after a misunderstanding involving Cassandra. Just like Jane did in that Other Book.

Whatever. I want my money back, I really do. Bad Heir Day? How about Pathetic Rip-off Of A Sophomore Debut? Still, readers unfamiliar with The Other Book would enjoy this one. It's funny.

Rating: 60

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