Enchant Me Not
by Michele Hauf, historical (2001)
Zebra, $5.99, ISBN 0-8217-6776-3

Take a heroine who has no personality at all apart from (a) a tendency to be at the brink of tears whenever she remembers how nobly she gives her all to take care of her dying Maman, and (b) a cartoonish bluestocking nature that leads to this fantastic ability of hers to do anything except to be interesting and to see the obvious (she keeps believing the hero to be some gardener throughout this story - duh!)

Add in a hero who is tormented over the death of his first wife and needs someone to play nanny to his two out-of-control kids.

Can you see where this story is heading?

If you can't, go ahead and read this story. It's pretty readable. But the over-the-top la la land tone of the heroine's curiosity and the everything (direly) familiar and (too) predictable about this story has me going, "One lil' sheep jump over the fence, two lil' sheep jump over the fence, three lil' sheep jump over the fence... zzzzzzz..."

Rating: 58

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