Prodigal Slave
by Roxy Harte, contemporary (2009)
Liquid Silver Books, $5.75, ISBN 978-1-59578-629-6

Prodigal Slave is an unabashed erotic romance featuring one woman and two bisexual men, narrated from the heroine Charlotte Sullivan's first person point of view. The heroine is 45, which is something I don't come across every day in an erotic romance. You know what you like, so pick your poison wisely!

On her 45th birthday, Charlotte receives an parcel containing a "blood red, velvet bustier" (which fits her perfectly) and a card that says, simply, "Happy Birthday". Charlotte's initial assumption is that this parcel must have been sent to her by mistake. But upon checking the Federal Express packaging, she realizes that her past has caught up with her.

Nineteen years ago, she was Cassiopeia, the happy sex slave of Master Francois Rene de Hart. When he refused to give her a baby, she left him for the man whom she eventually married and, eventually, divorced. Frankie has only recently learned that Charlotte is single and available, so he wants her back in his life ASAP. Charlotte is at first hesitant. It had been twenty years and they were playing silly games back then... were they? Since her teenage daughters are currently in Amsterdam and she could use the R&R, however, Charlotte decides to take a chance and reconcile with Frankie. She doesn't count on meeting Pierre-Louis Lefèvre, Frankie's other slave.

Maybe I'm the wrong person for this story, but I am really enjoying this story up to the point where the young stud Pierre-Louis is introduced. Until that point, we have two mature people who are not afraid to indulge in all kinds of hanky-panky, and I really like this. The story is definitely not the typical Whoopee of Young People affair... until the author drops in the young and hot Pierre-Louis who disrupts any intimacy that is formed between Charlotte and Frankie up to that point. Like Charlotte, my reaction is pretty much, "What the... get this guy out of the story now. Ask him to go play in an Abercrombie and Fitch commercial somewhere else!"

Perhaps fans who enjoy threesome stories more than I do will see nothing wrong with the introduction of a generic pretty boy into the mix, but the magic is gone where I am concerned. I'm quite disappointed at the end of the day.

Rating: 68

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