The Seduction Of Sean Nolan
by Treva Harte, time-travel (2006, 2001 reissue)
Loose Id, $1.99, ISBN 1-59632-079-6

Our heroine Nell is working on a story on her computer when she falls asleep and dreams of this wounded Civil War soldier. And in her dreams, she does something rather naughty with a mouth, if you know what I mean, to him. It's a wonderful dream. But when Nell wakes up, she finds the soldier right there on her couch, still injured but definitely real.

The soldier is Sean Nolan. As he lay dying in his hospital bed back in the Civil War, he's feeling bitter than he's going to die a virgin. Then comes Nell and he finds himself now in the 21st century.

Now aren't they both in a fix. What to do, what to do. Well, how about getting down to the business of (getting rid of) Sean's virginity?

The Seduction Of Sean Nolan is unusual in that the heroine is much older than the hero. If you are looking for one of those "young innocent stud, here comes Big Momma!" fantasies, this one may just fit your bill. But I also find Nell's character problematic and vague, as she just doesn't seem to know what she wants at all. But most annoying is the author's use of too many one-sentenced paragraphs, giving the whole novella a Robin-Schone-was-here feel. It makes me feel as if the story is shorter than it really is, and it is also irritating.

Sentences like this one.

In a love scene, especially.

Feels too much like coitus premature-ruptus.

Overall, The Seduction Of Sean Nolan is a decent read. The prose is rather unpolished, and I could use some levity and humor, but it's not everyday I get a virginal young hunk waiting to do a lady's every bidding. Hence, not bad.

Rating: 68

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