Flight Of The Hawk
by GR Grove, historical (2007)
Lulu, $18.59, ISBN 978-1-4303-2851-3

Flight Of The Hawk continues the stories of the Welsh bard Gwernin Kyuarwyd as he continues on the road to self-discovery and education throughout Wales in the mid-6th century. He has already met the great Taliesin in the previous book, Storyteller. This time around, Gwernin is requested by Taliesin to join his friend Neirin mab Dwywei in a diplomatic/reconnaissance mission to Northern Wales. With the Saxons getting naughty and the local politics being as turbulent as they are, Northern Wales is not exactly the nicest place to visit at the moment, but Gwernin is not going to turn down a request from the great Taliesin. So off he goes.

Similarly to Storyteller, Flight Of The Hawk offers a most interesting glimpse into the life of the folks in the 6th century. The author's prose is simple to read yet lyrical at places. There is a happy ending as Gwernin makes it back safely to his sweetheart and friends, but it is a most educational and entertaining trip for him and for me all the way.

If you like Storyteller, you may like this one as well. I know I do.

Rating: 89

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