Whispers On The Wind
by Judy Gill, futuristic (2001)
LoveSpell, $4.99, ISBN 0-505-52435-X

Pardon my Swahili, but what the freaking frocking knick-knack is going on here? Whispers On The Wind is incoherent and all jumbled-up, it's like me looking at the world from the perspective of someone on the verge of a heroin overdose. Is this a sequel of sorts?

The prologue doesn't make sense when I first read it. Then I realized it's someone called Jon telepathically calling his sister - I think - for help - I think. Then cut and now it's one woman named Lenore having some erotic dream. Then she hears someone calling to her "Come to me!" Cut, and now we have who seems like Jon's sister sobbing about losing Jon and something about her son held hostage by Rankin and B'tar. Who.. never mind. Then someone called Angus tells his wife that he has some weird dreams again. Then he's gone and his wife sees spooky vision. Who's Angus and wife? Beats me. They just pop out of the blue.

What the freaking kazoo is going on here?

Then our Lenore discovers Jon crashed on Earth. Jon is on a mission to - er, let me try to check... gosh, let's just not go there, or I will have another headache trying to decipher through all the mental yammering and spooky dreams in this story. Lenore and Jon work together, sleep together, accomplish whatever Jon wants to accomplish, the end.

I really have a hard time keeping track of the going-on's in this story. The plot runs everywhere and has as much coherence as dust blown into the wind. There's some mumbo jumbo about mind, heart, destiny, typical of futuristic romances, but the author's style of writing is to put in as many vague descriptions as possible with minimum explanation. Fine, maybe I should just get down to the important stuff. Er... Jon is a one-dimensional sensitive new age alien toyboy. Lenore waffles between being a complete ditz and a completely gullible bimbo. The love scenes are pretty lovely in a purple way though.

I am sure, after I drink myself into a stupor, things may become clear and I realize that Whispers On The Wind is actually the new revolutionary futuristic that will regalvanize the subgenre from its current state of rigor mortis (and beyond). But really, what is this story all about anyway?

Rating: 48

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