Magical Memories
by Donna Fletcher, paranormal (2000)
Jove, $5.99, ISBN 0-515-12886-4

Now this is a fine romance. It has magic, it has a noble hero struck by difficult choices, and it has a heroine who has difficult decisions. Love or responsibility?

Having read none of the books that precede Magical Memories, spare me if I get the background details a bit off. Let's see. The witch Tempest is the Ancient One (fear not, she's still pretty and her breasts don't sag). Once upon a time she has an aborted love thing going with a warlock named Marcus, who only wants her for her powers. She locked up that silly doofus in a spell that will give him a second chance with him only if he chooses The Right Path.

So one day, while trying to drive, Tempest knocks down Michael, who happens to be - ta-da! - Marcus sans memories of her. While Tempest helps him recuperate, Michael/Marcus' memories return, and he must face choices - love or power? And Tempest too have to face her own moral choices: should Marcus choose The Wrong Path, she will have to put him away for good. Can she? Oh dilemmas, dilemmas!

Magical Memories is a rather short, sweet story that manages to convey the emotional conflicts of the characters perfectly. And the story has an elegant poetry to it - it manages to evoke the proper atmosphere of magic along with my sympathies with the lead characters' dilemmas. The ending is a bit saccharine, but hey, it'll do. Life can't always be a bitter pill, right?

Thus, I really like Magical Memories. Off to the keeper shelf it goes.

Rating: 86

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