Sink Or Swim
by Alexis Fleming, paranormal (2007)
Total-ebound, 2.49, ISBN 978-1-906328-01-6

Sink Or Swim is a mermaid story. Poor Jonah Billings doesn't know what to think when he catches her landlady Samie McIntyre all naked and trying to learn how to swim in her bath tub, of all places. She tells him that she'll turn into mermaid anytime between now and her twenty-fifth birthday so she's trying to learn to swim before she grows a tail. Since Jonah is a lifeguard, he's the perfect person to teach her how to swim. Right?

I have to laugh at the end of this short story because it is fun, almost ridiculously so. Jonah and Samie are two adorable characters who have plenty of fun getting to know each other. Their scenes both in and out of bed are written in a buoyant and infectious sense of mischief with the characters often being simultaneously ridiculous and sensible when it comes to their unlikely romance.

This short story other than it's pure fun from start to finish. It's not too deep or heavy when it comes to plot and characterization (it is being what it is) but my goodness, it's such a trip as long as it lasts.

Rating: 82

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