Marrying Jezebel
by Hillary Fields, historical (2000)
St Martin's Press, $5.99, ISBN 0-312-97567-8

Anyone up for a visit to ol' Egypt for a spot of archeology and romance? Marrying Jezebel has an archeologist heroine and her grouchy handsome guardian finding romance amidst danger. The author couldn't maintain the momentum of her story towards the later half of the story, but really, the hero is to die for.

Rafe Sunderland has great plans for the chit he has been recently named guardian over. He will marry her off to one of those guys who owe him a favor ASAP and continue living life his merry way. But when the ship carrying her from Egypt arrives, he realizes that that impertinent chit has taken into her head to remain in Egypt instead! To be an archeologist, of all things!

Naturally, he hurries after her, fully intending to drag that hoyden all the way back to London. Instead, he ends up being dragged along by Jezebel Montclair (who on earth will name their daughter Jezebel anyway?) in her study of old stuffy tombs. Naturally, someone is trying to kill him or her or the both of them.

Jezebel and Rafe display great chemistry, but the story soon peters out into a series of rescue-her-from-danger scenarios towards the late part of the story. Jezebel's "Me in danger? Can't be!" attitude can grate towards the end too, but really, I love Rafe. A stuffy, arrogant boor who really unbends in moonlight and desert heroism, he is one roguish, fine dude indeed.

Marrying Jezebel is a good follow-up to this author's debut. The plot could use some tightening, true, but it's entertaining enough the way it is. Egypt beats Regency England pants down anytime, any day anyway.

Rating: 84

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