The Irish Knight
by Amy J Fetzer, historical (2002)
Zebra, $5.99, ISBN 0-8217-7218-X

Sheesh. How do I review books like The Irish Knight? It's not bad, but it's so familiar and predictable that it's like the act of breathing. I know I'm reading this book, but somehow it's so hard to pay attention. It's all autopilot.

But I have a brilliant idea. It's not politically correct, but I'm thinking of getting an Irish maid. She can clean my fridge and also give me lottery numbers. Because we all know Irish women have the Sight, the Gift, or whatever they call that vision thing of theirs. When I strike it rich I'll buy her a sack of potatoes and maybe a turnip or two thrown in. I don't think stereotypes will ask for more.

Arranged marriage. Connal PenDragon ordered by King Richard the Buttf- er, Lionheart - LIONHEART, I'm about to say Lionheart, really! - to marry Sinead of Atrim. Sinead is a witch because she has the Gift/Sight/Vision Thing and she is not happy to marry out of duty. She doesn't want to be anyone's duty. They marry. John in England plots on Sinead's life because he feels threatened by the alliance. Danger. Hero rescues heroine.

Oh blimey. I don't know. I'm don't have the enthusiasm for form complete sentences anymore. Comfort read. Predictable. Inoffensive. Pleasant. Boring.

Rating: 68

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